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Coast Guard Auxiliary Two Boat Patrol With Station Lake Tahoe

Coast Guard Auxiliary Reno Flotilla 3 Crew on Two Boat Patrol

Members of the Sierra Division train together and with Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe. On this patrol, Auxiliarists Leon Borden (L), John Boyne (middle) and Keith White (R) train at Lake Tahoe. The Coast Guard and Auxiliary work with each other on "two boat training". This training is undertaken to increase proficiency in search and rescue situations.

Coast Guard Vessel 156 on Two Boat Training

Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe facility 156 on two boat training August 8, 2014. The Coast Guard Station received two new boats this spring to replace the ten year old 25 foot Defender class rescue boats previously used at Lake Tahoe.

Heaving Line being tossed to Auxiliarist Keith White during Two Boat Training

Reno Auxiliarist Keith White pulls in the towing ball and line in preparation for Coast Guard vessel 156 taking the Reno Facility in "long tow".

Color Key: Blue for Division & Flotilla Events; Green for Meetings; Yellow for District Events.

District 11 North Helicopter Operations Training at Station Tahoe

Helicopter Operations Event at Station Lake Tahoe October 2012Sierra Division 11 Auxiliarists had a chance to discuss the capabilities of a Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter during a training session at Station Tahoe on October 17th. Auxiliarists (left to right), Bill Stolz, Jack Leth, Coast Guard Pilot Ian Culver, Dee Walter, Dee Dee Kincade and Tom Henderson learned about the rescue helicopter from the crew that flew over from Coast Guard Sector San Francisco. For more information, see this blog posting.





Change of Watch Highlight Video November 2012

Change of Watch 2012 Highlight ReelOn November 3rd, Auxiliarist Dee Walter from Reno Flotilla 3 presented her highlight video of the many events done by Sierra Division 11 this last year. Click here to view the video.







Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe Wins Phifer Award

Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe Wins Phifer Award

Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe was awarded the 2012 Phifer Award which is presented annually to the Small Boat Coast Guard Station that has the best interaction with Auxiliarists. Read more about the award at link.










Pyramid Lake Safety Patrol February 2012

Capsized Boat in TowOne of the primary missions of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is Search and Rescue. This article details the story of a capsized boat at Pyramid Lake during a winter fishing tournament. Fortunately the fisherman survived thanks to some nearby Good Samaritans. Read more about this rescue at link.






Tugs and Towed Vessels


Coast Guard Navigational Rules are clear as to lighting and markings that these vessels must display. Click here for a discussion of these rules.




Boating In Tidal WatersAids to NavigationRegulatory Buoys

VHF Marine RadiosSacrificial AnodesTugs and Towed Vessels

Range Markers

This page contains links to pages for information on uniforms and other items.

Uniform Information  
  ODU Uniform
  Tropical Blue Uniform
  Uniform Procurement Guide (Everything you need to know about Auxiliary Uniforms)
New Member Information  
  Auxiliary New Member Course Exam
  Operational Specialty Course Examination Answer Sheet (ANSC 7010)
Note: This is also used for the New Member Course Exam
  Auxiliary New Member Course
  New Member Enrollment Application
  Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (August 2011 Edition)



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