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The ODU Uniform

The Operational Dress Uniform is one of two uniforms most commonly worn by Auxiliarists. It typically is worn for operational activities such as a patrol on an Auxiliary Facility.

The image below is one of an Active Duty Coast Guardsman. The Auxiliary ODU is similar except that the ball cap, and tee shirt have to be ordered off of the District 11 North Store web site ( ). The remainder of the ODU uniform items may be ordered off of the Coast Guard Uniform Distribution site in Woodbine, New Jersey. Only Auxiliarists with Coast Guard Auxiliary Member numbers may order uniform items. Members of the public may not order any of these items. All orders are verified to be from a Coast Guard Auxiliarist with a valid member number.

Operationa Dress UniformThe Operational Dress Uniform consists of:

1) Coat (shirt)
2) Trousers
3) Rigging Belt
4) Black Coast Guard Super Boot III
5) Embroidered Tee Shirt
6) Coast Guard Auxiliary Ball Cap
7) U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Label
8) Name Label

The coat, trousers, rigging belt, Super Boot III, Name tag, and USCG Auxiliary label are all ordered from the Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center in Woodbine, New Jersey. The Untucked ODU informational page is found here. Follow the instructions for fitting exactly as described otherwise your uniform may not fit. Order the suggested uniform size even if it may not be exactly what you wear in other clothing. Once you have figured out the Coat (shirt) and trousers you need, enter them on the order form. We suggest you either phone or fax your order to the Distribution Center. Have your order ready if you call.

The part numbers for the other items are:

Name Tape: ODUNAME
U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Tape: ODUAUX
52 inch Riggers Belt with Buckle: RB52








These items are located on the left navigational menu as seen here under the ODU Accessories & Attachments link:

Navigational Menu from Uniform Distribution Center














The Coast Guard Super Boot III is the newest generation of black operational boot with Vibram sole. It is now required on Coast Guard Island if you are wearing an ODU uniform. You will not be allowed on base without them if you are wearing an ODU uniform. They are accessed on the link listed as "Super Boot II". The link has not been updated to reflect the newest, generation III boot but clicking on the link will take you to the correct page.

Coast Guard Super Boot IIIThe Super Boot III looks like this:












The Coast Guard Auxiliary ball cap and embroidered tee shirt should be ordered from the Coast Guard Auxiliary District Store. It is located here.

The items you will need to order at the store are the embroidered Auxiliary tee shirt, and the Auxiliary ball cap.


Embroidered Auxiliary Tee Shirt


The embroidered tee shirt is found under the "clothing" section of the store and looks like this:












Coast Guard Auxiliary Ball Cap


The Auxiliary Ball Cap is found under the "Covers" catalog and looks like this:


Note that it is never appropriate to wear an Auxiliary ball cap with a tropical blue uniform!

If you have questions about the ODU uniform contact your Flotilla Commander or someone in your flotilla who is informed about Auxiliary uniforms.