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Twin Engine Boat Handling

Twin Engine Boat Handling

One of the techniques that Commodore Perata discussed at the boat handling class is the technique of maneuvering a boat with twin engines using only the throttles. The Reno Flotilla's boat, The Melroy, has twin outboards. During a maritime observation patrol on Pyramid Lake Auxiliarist Tom Temkin practiced the technique. The main concepts are:

1) Keep the engines amidship.
2) Do not use the wheel to maneuver.
3) Use neutral position frequently.
4) Think of the throttle positions as akin to the handle bars of a bicycle. In the photo above, the port engine is in reverse while the starboard engine is in forward gear. Temkin will steer the boat to port just as the handle bars are depicted. When maneuvering in reverse, stand along side the throttles and look towards the stern. The same handle bar imagery applies here as well.
5) Maneuver slowly!